Tacen 2017

European Cup and Slovenian Rafting Championship in Rafting R4

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Time and Location

Tacen, Ljubljana, River Sava, 25th March, 2017


Rafting club Mrzla uoda, Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia
Slovenian Rafting Federation

Head of the competition

Marija Pranjić, +386 51 237 148


Sprint, H2H & Slalom - Tacen, Sava


Training on the course will be possible on Friday, 24th March. The position of the slalom gates will only be known on Saturday. Training will not be possible on Saturday morning.

Starting numbers

Upon receiving the starting numbers, a personal identification documents or a fee of 50 EUR must be deposited as a waranty. Upon the return of the numbers the document or fee will be returned.

Course photos

Admitance fee

30€ per event/team R4
80€ per team R4 (10€ discount for applying for all three disciplines)


Registration details will be posted later.


Gumotex Pulsar 420

Race rules

Race rules are defined by the International Rafting Federation..


Training on Friday: 15:00-18:00

 07:15  Organizer on course
 07:30-08:45  Team Applications
 08:30-08:45  Judges meeting
 08:45-09:00  Team Captains meeting
 09:30-10:30  Sprint
 11:00-13:00  Head To Head
 13:00-13:15  Break (Slalom course setup)
 13:15-14:15  Slalom, 1st run
 14:30-15:30  Slalom, 2nd run
 15:50-16:00  Award ceremony

Saturday timetable will be determined based on number of teams.
Tjaša Jagodnik,
8. mar. 2017 07:55
Tjaša Jagodnik,
8. mar. 2017 07:54